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How to Export Lotus Notes Email to PST Step by Step With Ease

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Do you want to know how to export Lotus Notes mailbox to PST file format? Now do not need to think about this particular issue because here in this write-up, we are providing users a solution for the same problem. Just proceed to read this specially dedicated article to export lotus notes emails to PST for MS Outlook.

All business organization needs an effective medium for showing email communication. Also, the email platform should be trustworthy to save online data and make it accessible whenever needed. Two tech giants MS and IBM both provide email applications- Outlook and IBM Notes.

Because of better security features and a simple user interface, most businesses like to use Outlook instead of IBM notes. The majority of users also want to move to Outlook, but their existing accounts require to be adaptive of Outlook and that’s why users need to change the NSF file from notes to Outlook PST file format. Users cannot directly use the NSF file in Outlook.

Advantages of Microsoft Outlook

  • MS Outlook is more user-friendly than IBM notes and the features of Outlook are placed in a better way.
  • Outlook can contain and manage various accounts separately.
  • Microsoft Outlook can provide Offline accessibility unlike notes
  • It is compatible with multiple kinds of accounts such as O365, exchange, POP, & IMAP
  • Outlook cost is reasonable this is the main reason behind the users using Outlook over IBM Lotus notes.
  • It is very easier to move data in MS Outlook between the different accounts
  • The safety of Outlook boasts an advanced level from Microsoft. Because Outlook is the part of MS Office 365 subscription, there is constant technical support for the clients.
  • Microsoft permits the usage of the latest efficient edition of Outlook every time.
  • Two database file formats OST and PST for saving Outlook accounts data

How to Convert Lotus Notes to PST – Professional Solution

Read lotus notes NSF files in Outlook you can download professional NSF to PST converter software to export IMB notes files into PST. It also supports converting NSF files into multiple file formats like MSG, EML, PDF, HTML file formats.

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All the advantages of Microsoft attract you to adopt it in a big way. For that users require to convert lotus notes NSF files into PST as the Outlook application supports only PST file format as the database. But there is no devoted method to export the data files free. But there is a technique where users can convert the data from IBM Notes to a CSV file, then import the CSV files into Outlook. Although, it is not a safe method users can complete a simple conversion here.

Convert Notes NSF Files

To export IBM notes NSF file by following below-mentioned steps:-

  1. Open the Lotus Notes application and select the mailbox in view mode showing all the data.
  2. Hit File in the toolbar and select Export.
  3. In the Export window, give a new name to the file that users want to generate. Then, in the Save, as Type drop-down, select comma separated value as the type. Hit, the Export button.
  4. The new step is the Export window where users can choose How to Export (All documents, Selected documents), Export Character Set (default character set, internal UTF-8, Unicode), and detail to Incorporate (include view titles).
  5. Hit OK and a new CSV file will be generated at your mentioned location.

The first segment of the procedure is completed successfully. In the next step, users require to import the same CSV file to MS Outlook.

Import CSV File to Microsoft Outlook

The second step of the conversion procedure requires you to import the earlier created CSV file to Outlook. Here is its process;
In the next steps of the conversion procedure users needs to import the earlier generated CSV file to Outlook. All steps are mentioned below:-

  1. Start Outlook and hit the File option.
  2. Hit on Import/Export wizard.
  3. After opening the Import/Export wizard, select the Import option.
  4. Select Comma Separated Values.
  5. Navigate the location of the CSV file from its location and while saving the file, hit the option to replace the duplicate items while importing.
  6. Select the PST folder location where users require to import the NSF file, then go ahead.
  7. After finishing the import procedure, hit on Finish.

Check the newly generated folder in the mailbox part in Outlook and confirm the presence of data items.

Disadvantages of Manual Method

The free solutions have always a few drawbacks. Few are mentioned below:-

  • You have no option to apply a filter in your data, You have to export all data including which files you did not want to migrate.
  • When you convert multiple accounts then you will have to follow the same process for each account
  • If the user’s data is corrupted in the NSF file, then it may further corrupt all Outlook environment
  • If you did any single mistake throughout the process your data will be lost permanently
  • Non-technical users can not apply this process it’s long and complex.

Final Verdict

Because of the disadvantages of free solutions, these are not suggested for getting sure shot outcomes and when users are expecting reliability in the procedure. The conversion from NSF files to PST is beneficial for a business only when this is completed by above mentioned trusted tool that supports this conversion. The best thing about this utility it provides free demo version users can check the working efficiency of the utility. Now it’s your turn to take decisions wisely.

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