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How to Remove Password from Word VBA Project – Flawless Solution

Mark Wales | Published: 2022-06-20T13:11:12+05:30 | technology | 5 Minutes Reading

Are you searching for a solution to remove passwords from the Word VBA project? If yes then read the complete write-up to unlock the password-protected word document VBA file. This write-up will helpful for you to Unlock the VBA password from a word document.

This blog familiarizes users with all possible methods to remove the VBA project password from the word VBA file. It includes all the manual trials for the same and was posted here after deep research upon it.

Users keep a password on their word VBA project file to avoid unauthorized persons from opening the file. Basically, they encrypt files due to safety purposes. But, have users ever thought of the time when users forgot the file password or users have lost it? Now, how are you getting to open a file without damaging it?

Don’t be stressed! Here in this write-up, here we are going the discuss manual as one of the best reliable solutions named VBA Password Remover Software to access password-protected VBA word files without losing any data.

Solutions to Remove Password from Word VBA Project File

The password-protected visual basic application file of MS word can be converted to an unprotected file with the assistance of the following solutions. Before proceeding ahead with free methods, this is advice to the person that she/he should take backup of their data.

It is so because if something goes wrong then, users might have to suffer an unexpected data loss and that to the permanent one. So, here we will begin the solution to crack the VBA password from Word 2010 document!

Use VBA Code to Regain Lost Password from Word Document

  • Download and launch a new MS word document and press ALT+F11 to open MS visual basic for applications
  • Go to insert >> module and then mention the code, shown in the following screenshot. When you have written the code completely, then press the f5 key to transfer further with the procedure to delete the password from the Word VBA project
  • Now select the password-protected word project file from your PC and hit on open button
  • After that take a pause for a while and then, one dialog box displays. In this box you will get the password from your VBA file is successfully recovered. Then you can click on the OK button to close the dialog box
  • Go to the file>>protect document>> Encrypt with password
  • Remove the text from the Password text box and click on OK to bypass the VBA project password from word

Workaround 2: Export DOC File into DOCX to Break Password

This measure involves the conversion of the VBA DOC file into DOCX to delete passwords from the Word VBA project. So, learn VBA Doc file conversion with the help of the following steps:

  1. Generate a backup copy of the file before continuing further
  2. Alteration the file extension from .doc to .zip
  3. After that, open the zip file and then, extract all items from it
  4. Go to the word\setting.XML in the extracted zip folder
  5. Open the setting.xml file and replace the existing code and then save the file
  6. Copy this newly generated setting.xml file to the original zip and then, overwrite the existing ones
  7. Finally, change the file extension from .zip to Docx and open the unprotected file

Remove Password from Word VBA Project with this Tool

The above-discussed solution seems simple, but it’s only for technical users and it is also a timed taking process. If you are a non-technical user and want an instant solution to crack the VBA password from Word 2010 document. In such cases, the users can opt for a third-party tool named as VBA Password Remover to bypass the VBA project password from the .doc file. This tool has various beneficial features to make this process easy.

  1. It simply removes the passwords from all VBA documents
  2. Software support MS Office file such as .doc, .dot, .xls, .xla, and .mdb etc.
  3. Multilingual passwords are also recovered by the application
  4. It also eliminates the previous passwords and generates a new VBA project password
  5. This utility is compatible with all Windows OS such as 32 and 64 bit

Working Steps to Remove Password from Word VBA Project

By following the below steps as discussed in the upcoming section to know the procedure of resetting the password by using this extraordinary tool:-

  • Download & install the software on the Windows operation system

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  • Hit on the add file option to insert the project files Unlock password protected word document vba
  • Now choose the project files from your computer and click on the open button to add them to the tool  Remove word vba project password
  • The last steps needs to press the reset button to complete the procedure Unlock password VBA

If users have several folders containing various VBA project files, users can go for the add folder option to insert a folder on the tool. If mistakenly you have added the wrong files or folders then you have to remove the folder by clicking on the remove button. Select the remove all option for taking out complete files from the tool panel.

Summarize up

The manual and free solution to remove passwords from the Word VBA project file is described in this write-up. It might be quite challenging for a single to attempt these approaches so, there is the other to this problem, as well. If free instructions are troubling you then, users can go for the VBA Word password remover tool. This program removes passwords from an encrypted VBA file in just 3 hits of the mouse.

Mark Wales