Free CSV to vCard Converter

Features for the CSV to VCF Freeware

  • Scan & Preview CSV file with rows and columns of all spreadsheets.
  • Perform Batch Conversion with Multiple CSV files.
  • Performs field mapping of CSV contacts to VCF contacts.
  • Converts vCard file in Three formats i.e. vCard 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0.
  • Generates vCard file compatible with mobile devices and email clients.

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Key Features Provided in CSV to vCard Freeware

Scans & Previews the CSV files

Firstly, the software scans the CSV files. Then, it shows the preview of the added CSV files that have been scanned by the free CSV to VCF converter tool in a data grid view format. It loads all the data present in the rows and columns of the CSV file and shows all the values respectively.

Export CSV Fiels to vCard

The Download CSV converter software to easily convert/save the selected CSV files to the VCF file format. The tool can convert multiple CSV files to VCF at the same time. It also provides some advanced features such as the allow contacts with empty address fields, single vCard file for all CSV contacts. It also allows the contacts to be saved to 3 different vCard formats i.e vCard 2.1, 3.0 and 4. 0. The utility saves the final exported file to the desktop by default. In case, If required the user can select the destination folder as per preference.

Field Mapping for VCF

The application provides the option to map the contact data fields of the CSV file onto the VCF files. Here the data present in the CSV file can be mapped to the vCard file. Here, The user can select all the fields of the software and can easily map the same data on the vCard file.

Compatible with vCard supported device

The file generated after the export process is the vCard file that is compatible with all the email clients and mobile devices that make use of the vCard file format.

Live Status Report

The Free CSV to vCard converter utility generates a real time live status report for the ongoing conversion process. It shows all the details such as the contact file name. It also displays information such as the no of contacts that have no email address values.

Reasons for Converting CSV to VCF

The vCard format is superior to CSV. It can easily store contact photos and audio clips, vCard files are widely supported by email clients and services. As a result, there is no data loss during the transfer of contacts by using the vCard format. Many email client programs & services such as iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc support the vCard file format to exchange & export contacts. The CSV file is suggested to be used when the there is no other option available to exchange contacts. Otherwise, It is recommended to use the VCF file format while transferring the data.

Client Reviews

This did it!!!, I was looking for a free CSV converter, as using CSV files for contacts is becoming seldom day by day. I wanted to upgrade from CSV to vCard file format. I am glad that I found such a software, it really worked for me

After using the free CSV to VCF converter tool and found with the help of this tool I was successfully convert CSV files without any difficulties, it was quite impressive. I would say "the best software available on the web" Kudos! to the developers.

Will Recommend everyone!!! I would definitely suggest this tool to anyone who wants to convert the CSV file to vCard, The software is a complete package of the simplified user interface and effective functionality, Thanks to the development team!!!!

I searched the web to Download free CSV to vCard converter software to convert the CSV files to the VCF file format, Finally I came across this CSV converter software, all my efforts became fruitful. It worked up to my expectations!!!

Overall rating 2
based on 4 reviews

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